Blake and Gwen to split – Gavin Rossdale wants a sit-down

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are heading for a break up according to Life & Style magazine. The reports of their relationship becoming shaky appear to be true and this has worried Gwen’s ex Gavin Rossdale. Gavin, whose affair with nanny Mindy Minn following his divorce from Gwen, is rumored to be demanding a “sit-down” with Blake and Gwen.

Stefani and Rossdale had three boys during their relationship and Gavin is concerned that the children, who adore Blake, will be affected by any potential split. Gavin was quoted as saying last year about the boys I’m going to try and take all the things I’ve ever done wrong and keep them away from that.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani met on NBC’s “The Voice” following broken romances in their lives. Blake divorced Miranda Lambert on July 20th 2015 and Gwen announced the split from long-time partner Gavin Rossdale on August the 3rd 2015 and filed for divorce. Stefani became a coach on The Voice in season 7 together with Blake, Adam Levine and Pharrel Williams.

She quickly hit it off with Blake, who she called “The Cowboy” The rumor mill started pretty quickly after as Blake and Gwen seemed to become closer, although each denied it at the time. The tall quietly spoken cowboy and the raucous lead singer of ska pop group No Doubt, were beginning a romance under the gaze of millions. Love seemed to overcome all differences as their rebound affair blossomed and it will sadden many if they do split. But perhaps as the healing of their past painful relationships began, the need for each becomes less. Time will tell.

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