Open Call Auditions Announced for 3 Cities for The Voice 2017!

Are you ready and warmed up? Now’s your chance to make it big if you live in Austin, Tx., Philly or L.A.!

It’s just been announced that open call Auditions for the mega hit TV show The Voice will be held in Philadelphia, on June 4th, Austin Tx., on May 13th and Los Angeles on May 20th. Further details to be announced later by NBC.

The juggernaut that is The Voice continues to draw massive crowds at the Auditions so if you want to take part remember that you will need your Artists Audition pass with you and that no accompaniment is allowed when you sing. Just you and your tonsils. Practice hard and then practice again because this could be your big chance. But most of all, enjoy the experience! Wallow in the limelight and breath in all the attention. This is your moment!!

You can find out more at The Voice Auditions Page 

Good luck!

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