Khaliya Kimberlie – Season 11



Beautiful Khaliya Kimberlie, 17 year old star of Season 11, wowed the judges with her superb cover of Kelsea Ballerini’s “Dibs”


Story So Far:

Born in Northern California, 17 year old Khaliya Kimberlie is a musician who grew up in a small town right in the heart of New Mexico. She has been pursuing her love for music from the young age of 11 and it’s all been paying off ever since she appeared on the hit tv show “The Voice” last year. Khaliya seen below at the “Blind Auditions”

She had auditioned for the show 4 times before she got her spot on Team Miley. She inspires many to be themselves. Khaliya has always been herself regardless of any social standards. This is why she picked Coach Miley over Coach Blake.

She has a wild obsession for finding new music and creating her own. Her favorite book is “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. You’ll find that she spends a lot of her free time with her nose in a book or finding new tips and tricks on how to get the perfect eyeliner wing. She’s a coffee shop singer and a wild soul who is still figuring out who she is every day.


Khaliya is pansexual. She says “I won’t let something as little as gender prevent me from loving someone for who they are. To love is to love without boundaries. I just want to love everyone.”


She now lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Writing songs and performing until she can embark on her next big journey.


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