Lilli Passero

“I’m a little awkward at first, but I warm up, I promise!”

26 year old Lilli Passero, seen left with dad Jeff, is 5ft 6ins tall and was born in New York City, New York. She has two sisters, Sasha and Izabella. Sasha is a talent agent and Izabella is studying at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Lilli happily admits to some social challenges – “I’m a little awkward at first, but I warm up, I promise!

After she graduated from Carnegie Melon University, Lilli moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Lilli’s parents, Liz and Jeff Passero have worked in LA for a very long time as actors, coaches, and casting agents and she gained an appreciation from them for musical theatre.

She had a guest spot on NBC’s Go On, and has appeared in the movies “Totally Baked” (2007), “Bulletface” (2010) and “10:43” (2012). She currently works as a server (she once served Gwen Stefani!) but continues to audition and even had a starring role in “Cabaret,” in which she received positive feedback on her voice.

“It’s easy to take support from family for granted”

While working as a waitress, Lilli auditioned for season 12 of The Voice, which premiered in Feb. 2017. She chose Alicia Keys as her coach, and was stolen by Adam Levine in the Knockout Round.

Lilli never forgot those who have helped and supported her throughout her life. She was quoted as saying “It’s important that I acknowledge every single person in my life who has pushed, motivated and believed in me.” This is from Lilli’s Wiki on March the 6th 2017, during her time on The Voice

“I want to give a special shout out to my incredibly supportive family. It’s easy to take support from family for granted, because it seems like an obvious thing to get from them. Unfortunately so many people do not experience this. Their families don’t support them and believe in them. Sadly it’s usually because they are fear based people who don’t know how to believe in themselves, let alone anyone else. Maybe because they’re scared of failing or looking foolish or getting hurt. It’s different for everyone. So, knowing this, it’s important that I acknowledge every single person in my life who has pushed, motivated, and believed in me. Thank you family. Thank you friends. Thank you coworkers and peers and teachers and mentors. And of course thank you strangers who I’ve never met but who, since seeing me on The Voice, have begun following and believing in me. In this picture are the 4 wonderful people who could be with me on the day of my blind auditon: my beautiful parents Jeff and Liz, my life long best friend Megan, and my love Anthony. I wish my sisters, Sasha and Izabella, could’ve been there too, but they were busy kicking ass in NYC ✨ I LOVE YOU ALL ❤ #TeamLilli

Monday night (April 3rd 2017) saw The Voice contestants, Lilli Passero and Ashley Levin try their best to out-sing each other in the first episode of the Knockout Rounds. Alicia Keys named Ashley Levin as the winner, but it was not the end for Lilli, who was stolen by Adam Levine. For the Knockout Round, Lilli sung “Tears Dry on Their Own,” by the late Amy Winehouse. After their performances, coach Gwen Stefani thought that Ashley did the better job, whereas Adam Levine and Blake Shelton thought the win should go to Lilli Passero. Adam said that Lilli has the potential to win the show, and Blake described her as, “calm, cool, and collected, she’s just doing what she knows she was born to do.”

However, Alicia decided to go with Ashley Levin. Blake and Adam both pressed their buttons to steal Lilli, but she chose to switch to Team Adam.

Sing on Lilli

Like many of today’s artists, Lilli Passero is multi-talented and her choice of career path will be determined by what she loves to do most. Right now, we can guess what that will be: sing on Lilli!

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