Mark Isaiah Cruises Through


Mark Isaiah comes home on The Voice

Mark Isaiah’s growing army of fans, #Markers, grew a lot bigger last night on the Live Top 12 Performances when he changed from being a young, good looking “maybe”, into a “watch this space” singing star!

The kind of boy every mom wants her daughter to bring home, showed he has the kind of talent to sustain a long career.

Born in New York in 1997, Mark struggled with lack of confidence and weight issues which kept him from pursuing his love of singing. But as he started to control his weight, his fears became less and he auditioned for NBC’s blockbuster singing contest. Both Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine wanted to coach him, but he chose Adam who spoke of his radio friendly voice.

Last night he sang the 2016 Drake hit “One Dance”. Never an easy song to make sound good and although not, perhaps, his best singing performance, his development into a legitimate star moved forward.

Coach Adam praised his young artist saying “He just came out here and acted like he was just visiting ‘The Voice’ and doing a performance and he has a record coming out” and Shania Twain commented “You present yourself with dynamics. You move at the right times. You have a really good sense of where you are in the song, and it is just really nice to see you come to life here on this stage.”

Whatever happens on the show, one thing is certain, we will be seeing Mark in the charts very soon. His early dreams of music being his home base are coming true. Last night, Mark Isaiah came home.


BTV April 25th 2017

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