Mark Isaiah does it again!

It was one of the most nerve jangling endings of NBC’s hit show “The Voice”. Two contestants stood there waiting to hear the results of the “Instant Save” and both were desperate to stay. Stephanie Rice could not conceal the tension and her face showed the agony of waiting to hear the result. Mark Isaiah, looked the most relaxed of the two, after all, this was not new for him. Like a champion boxer, you can knock him down, but defeat doesn’t come easily. Being in the last two was becoming a regular occurrence for Mark and his smile as always, is difficult to hold back for long. Then Carson Daley announced the result – earpiece pressed to ear he suddenly shouted shouted, “Mark Isaiah, you did it again, you’re moving on. Congratulations” Isaiah, looked at the floor in disbelief, mouth open, and said “Oh, my God” to rapturous cheering.

Stephanie hugged coach Alicia Keys who told her “I watched you bust out of your shell – it’s been crazy”

Rice later commented “Starting out with Gwen was incredible. She taught me it’s ok to be different, because she’s different. And then working with Alicia, I think she comes from another planet or something. She’s just made of magic. She’s the type of artist that I look up to and she’s the type of person that I look up to, as well.” Stephanie added; “I feel it in me that I have a lot more material to write. I’m gonna hit a studio as soon as I can!”

The remaining contestants now for Team Alicia are Chris Blue and Vanessa Ferguson left. Earlier, Team Gwen’s remaining two, Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake joined her, backed by a full choir, in a plaintive rendition of “Fix You”, Coldplay’s hit.

Blake Shelton still has TSoul, Aliyah Moulden and Lauren Duski. Adam Levine has Mark Isaiah, Lilli Passero and Jesse Larson.

Next Monday the 8th of May, battle commences again as the last ten compete for votes. Can we stand another night of such tension? You bet! Can’t wait!

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