Mark Isaiah

Justin Beiber inspired him to become a singer

Mark, was born in New York and now lives in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. Despite loving music for years, 19-year-old Mark Isaiah was never confident enough to sing in front of a crowd.

That all changed when Justin Bieber’s movie Never Say Never came out, and Mark was convinced to enter a contest for the film. He’s been singing publicly ever since.

Around the same time he got the confidence to sing, Mark also made some big lifestyle changes. His passion for music encouraged him to get in shape, and he lost 40 pounds, adding to his new sense of self-confidence.


“Alicia Keys is super talented” – Mark Isaiah

Mark Isaiah: I really wanted to work with Alicia Keys on ‘The Voice,’ but Adam Levine fought for me For his blind audition, Mark sang “Mercy,” and both Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani turned around. The coaches agreed he belongs in the current landscape of pop music and is radio ready. After hearing Adam and Gwen state their cases, Mark chose to join “Team Adam.”

Mark sang Shawn Mendes’ hit “Mercy” for his Blind Audition, and has gotten comparisons to the pop singer ever since.
During a recent conference call, Mark talked to Reality TV World about his blind audition. Below is what he had to say.

Reality TV World: Which coach were you hoping to win going into the Blind Auditions and why did you end up picking the coach you did? For example, if you picked someone different than you initially anticipated choosing, what argument or plea changed your mind? 

Mark Isaiah: So in the beginning, I was always like looking forward to working with Alicia to be honest, because I just love the way that she performs and just plays piano. She’s just super talented, like this is crazy.
And she’s from New York too. That’s where I was born. I was born in New York. Born and raised in New York. And then I moved to Jersey and then to Pennsylvania. So now I kind of live in Pennsylvania. That’s who I’m representing here, but yes, I really wanted to work with Alicia and Adam. Those are like my Top 2 choices.

Since the very beginning of season 12 of The Voice, Mark’s coach, Adam Levine, has been pulling for him. When Mark was almost eliminated in the Live Playoffs, Adam pleaded with the audience that we haven’t even come close to seeing his full potential, then he saved Mark from going home. During the Top 12, Adam gave a similar speech, which seems to have worked since Mark narrowly defeated Troy Ramey in the Instant Save.

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Just wants to make mom and dad proud

Mark’s goal on The Voice was to make his parents proud. His mom is a worship singer and his father has always dreamed of being a salsa artist, but since they never got to pursue their own singing dreams, he’s hoping to do so for them. Mark also has a four-year-old brother.

Mom and Dad, we think your dreams are going to come true as Mark will undoubtedly fulfill his promise to become a huge singing star.

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