Meghan Linsey, looking awesome again after a Brown Recluse poisonous spider bit her face.

Meghan Linsey has fully recovered from the nasty bite from a Brown Recluse spider in February. Seen here with John Oates of Hall and Oates fame, Meghan, a New Orleans native is now living in Nashville, Tn. She was runner up to Sawyer Fredericks of team Pharrel Williams on season 8 of

The nightmare attack by the venomous arachnid happened while Meghan was awoken by a stinging sensation on her face and she looked down to see the dying spider on her bed.

The ordeal continued and got worse, as her face swelled up and discolored until 9 days later, necrosis set in. The cells around the bite began dying and a large ugly wound opened up.

After much pain and discomfort, Linsey finally began to see an improvement following a visit to a wound specialist in South Carolina. She says she underwent experimental hyperbaric chamber treatment and began to see immediate results after three sessions.

Thankfully she is now fully recovered!

5th May 2017

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