When everything they say is hilarious.

Is the blossoming bromance between NBC’s “The Voice” coaches Blake Shelton and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, stealing the spotlight from the contestants?

Certainly it’s not bad for the show which has just finished the 12th season’s nail-biting climax. The remaining contenders had given their vocal all in an attempt to be crowned the winner of this riveting show.

The career changing sum of $100,000.00 and a recording contract with Universal Music Group dangled before the finalists like an enormous, microphone shaped carrot and the tension was tighter than the back pockets of your newly washed skinny jeans.

Shall we run away together?

Would Jesse Larson or Aliyah Moulden blast their way through to the Grand Prize with their power-house vocals? Would the soulful voices of either Lauren Duski or Chris Blue be enough to take the win? Would Blake leave Gwen and run off with Adam? Who knows –  “beats the Pringles out of me” as Einstein once said. When things get that exciting, rational thought goes out of the window.

But wait, before we get too carried away with speculation, Adam’s got the gorgeous Behati Prinsloo waiting at home with his “Jon Bon Jovi” slippers and Blake’s got beautiful Gwen for some sweet two-part harmony back at the ranch. Yes “Shevine” is all in good fun and it doesn’t hurt the ratings after all. So, on with the show and may the eventual winner, Chris Blue, become a superstar!

7th June 2017

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