Then There Were Eight

After an emotional evening on The Voice on Tuesday, the last 8 emerged like tossed and blown flowers that had survived a Spring storm – still clinging to hope and dreams of that Grand Prize of $100,00.00 and a recording contract.

In the bottom three, Mark Isaiah’s luck finally ran out when his performance of Justin Beiber’s “Sorry”, a fitting final title, wasn’t enough to save him and he joined Lilli Passero in leaving the show. Adam Levine couldn’t hide his disappointment at losing two team members that he’d fought hard to keep but it was only Alicia Keys impassioned plea “I’m standing up to talk to America right now”, that swung the vote in Vanessa Feguson’s favor.

Isaiah was a little shaky on the high notes in his song choice but overall it wasn’t his worst performance. Lilli Passero on the other hand could have chosen a more suitable “save me” song for this stage in the competition. Her version of the 1933 classic “Stormy Weather” was unfortunately not particularly memorable and sounded lackluster. Particularly after other competitors like Chris Blue and Jesse Larson had chosen bigger up-tempo productions while the plaintive and unique version of Stevie Winwood’s “Higher Love” by Hunter Plake, and the emotionally charged “Jealous” by Aliyah Moulden were excellent.

Along with Vanessa Ferguson, the other remaining artists are Lauren Duski, TSoul and Brennley Brown.

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