Troy Ramey

“No tv but plenty of music growing up”

Troy Ramey was born in Middlebury, Vermont on the 26th November 1984 and even today, he considers the southern Vermont community of Woodstock, his hometown.

He grew up in a modest family household where there was no TV but plenty of music. Though raised in a musical household, Troy considered other avenues, even accepting an academic scholarship to college. However, after tragically losing his father, Troy yearned for a fresh start and transferred to Boston College, where he was overheard singing at work by local musicians. He joined them for jam sessions and honed his craft, using music as a way to grieve.

In the summer of 2013, Troy relocated to New York to advance his career in music, eventually joining forces with accomplished producer Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production. Together, Troy and Dante have continually produced work that has been impressing industry leaders and garnering leagues of enthusiastic new fans.

Coach Gwen Stefani grew tearful as Troy, 32, was eliminated

Troy Ramey was eliminated from The Voice‘s twelfth season during the live results broadcast on the 25th of April 2017, in which the Top 11 were determined on NBC.

Coach Gwen Stefani grew tearful as Troy, 32, was eliminated after singing for survival against 19 year old Mark Isaiah

Although not selected to advance by viewers, his coach Gwen Stefani made Ramey her lone choice to continue. She said the artist had shown the most progress and credited his especially emotional performance. Alicia key said she would also have chosen Ramey to advance.

Troy’s final song choice for the “Instant Save” was “Drift Away”

He spoke about his time on the show the following day, and something of his relationship with coach Gwen Stefani – “There are certain choices I made melodically on the show that I never would have done in my real life. Gwen is really serious about singing the melody dead on, never changing it. I had to try to pull myself towards that thinking a little bit, which was very unnatural for me.

But ultimately, I really respect her opinion on that — and I think a lot of people might feel that way — but that is something that I disagreed with completely and I always will. I always have. Because some of my favorite artists, when they cover a song, sounds nothing like the original song. That’s the beauty of it. Because they reinterpreted that song and gave it a new life.

The reason I picked “Free Fallin'” is because I wanted to do the John Mayer version of that song, and when we got into rehearsal, Gwen wanted to hear the Tom Petty melody. So, I ended up singing that song in a totally different way than I would have — which is okay, you know, I have to make compromises because of the situation.

But I totally respect that way of thinking, but it’s not my way of thinking. And people that love my music and my type of music would never care at all if I changed the melody of the song. They would probably respect it”

Troy Ramey looks to the future.

Troy Ramey was already amassing a large following and his appearance on The Voice will have done nothing but good for his career. Prior to the NBC blockbuster singing contest.

Troy’s Pledge Music Campaign, which was set up to raise funding for his debut EP, proved a remarkable success. As a result, Troy was named “Artist of the Month” by The Deli New England. Troy has since been heralded by Jamsphere Magazine and featured on Spotify’s Songpicker Best Songs of 2014 and 2015 playlist. His track “Song Man” was selected for Spotify’s “Evening Chill” playlist, and has racked up over 950,000 plays, leading to all of his songs being played well over 3.5 million times. His latest offering is a song called “Coward”

Troy told reporters about his future following his exit from The Voice: “Next, I got a lot of stuff planned. I’m going to be playing a ton of shows. You know, I got a lot of meetings to set up. And things are going to be — things are already are on fire for me. You know, I came here. I turned down multiple record deals before I came to The Voice. And I really, you know, a record deal doesn’t mean success.

A record deal, it has to be the right deal, you know? And so fortunately for me, I’ve been able to achieve a pretty good level of success on my own with no money, no budget, no team around me. Like before I came to The Voice, I already had millions of plays in the last year of my own music on Spotify and thousands of downloads of my original music on iTunes.

So I’m just going to continue with what I was doing because it was working. People connect to my songs. And you know, I’m so grateful to The Voice because I was able to reach a huge audience and now I have their attention”
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