Vanessa Ferguson

Vanessa Ferguson is still a New Yorker at heart

Vanessa Ferguson was born on January 1, 1986, in Brooklyn, New York. That makes Ferguson’s age 31 with almost three decades of singing experience. She started singing at three and taking piano lessons at five.

Ferguson grew up in a tight-knit family and her grandmother, who raised her, pushed her towards exploring music. She later went back to live with her mother when she was 13. In 2011, she moved to Beijing, China, where she performed at the LAN Club six nights a week. After this gig, she toured the world on the Holland America cruise line for five months with the B.B. King’s Blues Club All-Star Band. Over the years, Ferguson has earned money by singing and touring while working on bettering her vocals. For all her travels

Vanessa Ferguson is still a New Yorker at heart which would later help her bond with coach Alicia Keys on The Voice. Vanessa has endometriosis and has spent a lot of time in the hospital, which is why she started pouring her heart into music.


Vanessa Ferguson doesn’t let us down

For singer Vanessa Ferguson, her blind Voice audition proved to be a unique straight run to Team Alicia. Ferguson chose to sing “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers and featuring vocals from Daya. She not only nailed the audition, but she left the judges slack-jawed because of her ability to hit and hold the song’s high notes.

Ferguson was a bit hesitant at the start of her Blind Audition, but in no time, she came out of her shell and impressed all four coaches with her singing. For Vanessa Ferguson, The Voice is a platform where she can showcase her talent and possibly ignite her successful career in music. That looks very possible, judging by the coaches and audiences’ reaction to her performances on the show.

In the end, Ferguson chose to go Team Alicia. Not only did Ferguson mention an affinity for Keys’ music and Keys as an artist, but Keys herself expressed a desire to help Ferguson channel those deep emotional wells and musical talents into her music. Other great song performances so far on NBC’s blockbuster singing contest have included “A Song For You”, “If I Were Your Woman” and “Lean On”

Vanessa Ferguson is a unique artist

From her Reverbnation page comes this summary of her career; “Singer, songwriter, auto-didactic musician, Vanessa Ferguson is a unique artist; her aptitude refuses to be compressed and confined into a single genre. Drawing from her musical influences you hear the likes of Stevie Wonder, Prince, Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, and Sting just to name a few and she doesn’t stop there. What makes this powerhouse of musical talent incomparable from the rest is her extensive range of genres from jazz to rock. Vanessa is truly an inquisitive musician as she taught herself to play acoustic and electric guitar.

In Greensboro, Vanessa continues to flourish collaborating with several artists in singing groups, “Intrigue,” “Untitled,” and “The Solcetfre Project” where she is incessantly utilizing her vocal and performing talents. She has won numerous talent showcases most recently marveling the crowd with a performance at a showcase hosted by California’s Finest.

Expect big things from this skilled, exuberant and beautiful young woman in the very near future. Be on the look out for her first solo album to be released this September, which will feature the critically acclaimed “With You.” If your ears have not yet indulged in the melodious sounds of Vanessa Ferguson, then stop doing yourself the disservice and receive this extraordinary musical talent”

Sounds good to us!

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