What Makes Adam Levine Sexy?


He’s just an “Old Spice” and Yoga kind of guy

Sexiness starts with how you look. In the past guys wanted to look like Arnie Schwarzenegger with muscles the size of party balloons but for today’s stars, life choices need to be different. The lithe, toned and tattooed look is fashionable now. In other words, Adam Levine could be the blueprint for modern man. But what kind of life does a rock star have to live to keep in that kind of shape?

Well, first and foremost he cares about how he looks and he knows, that as one of the most photographed celebs in the world, there is no shortage of cameras ready to capture the slightest increase in pant size.

His health routine starts with yoga and Adam admits it has changed his life. “I have a hard time sitting still. I can be all over the map. Yoga has given me the ability to be more focused and make better decisions that come from a clear place.” His 1 hour yoga workout before performing keeps his body trim without becoming too muscular and at all Maroon 5 gigs, he makes sure that there is a yoga room available.

He doesn’t get too fussy over the look of his tousled hair and his everyday clothes usually consist of a uniform of jeans, boots and a tee shirt. He shaves his beard once a month with his beard trimmer on the lowest setting, then leaves it to grow. His choice of fragrance may be a little left field “I like the comfort of Old Spice” he said in an interview with Hollywood Life – “I throw on a little deodorant, a little aftershave—I’m telling you, the ladies love the old school musk. Cologne is never a good idea for me. I don’t feel comfortable being a guy that has on cologne but Old Spice is different because you smell good but you don’t smell like your trying to smell good.”

Energy is sexy and there is no doubt that Mr Levine, with his tv show appearances, photo shoots, gigs and a full family life, has to have incredible energy. So he must eat the right foods. His diet mostly consists of meat-free and dairy-free foods and he also detoxifies and keeps his skin looking good by drinking plenty of water. His Yoga teacher Alanna Zabel of Aziam Yoga, says “He’s the kind of guy that has goji berries instead of M & Ms.” She went on to say “Adam is amazing, one of the most contagious human beings on the planet”

So there you have it, that’s why Adam is sexy. Basic healthy eating and exercise together with a designer “unkempt” look, and of course, being ridiculously handsome in the first place.

Oh, and it probably helps to be the front-man of one of the world’s most popular bands! Oh well, we’ll dream on.

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